almost made $10,000 for two days work

(through facebook)

Hey Andrew, 

Your a hard guy to track down .... am in the middle of casting a video in NYC ...the agency are sending me some really shit casting reels and would love to consider you for the part. With the right person this could be a really cool project... hidden camera stuff ... you would be flown to NY and the pay would be between 7500 and 10000 grand for two days work ....

Give me a buzz to discuss further 
(his cell)

- (his name)

so I called him, we talked for about 10 minutes, he wanted me to send a demo reel of the idea they had for the commercial. an audition tape. while I did that he sent this. 

Hey Andrew,

Showed your youtube videos to the agency today ... they loved them ... they are super keen to see your video test thing because we need to lock in casting in the next 24 hours ar so ... if you could upload something for me tomorrow that would be awesome ...


(his name)

Hey (his name),

definitely interested, here's a demo reel:

It's unlisted, it should work though if you copy n paste that url. let me know what you think, I hope this is what you're looking for.


Andrew Hales

Thats great man, really appreciate it ,real nice work...
I will present it to the agency tomorrow ... will be in contact in the next day or so .....
Cheers bro

so I wait two days. 

he finally replies

Hey Man,

Just talked to the agency and the client .. they loved your demo ... but have decided to go in a different direction with the casting im afraid ..... sorry bro ... thought you would have been perfect ... its in there hands im afraid ... thanks heaps for all your hard work tho really appreciate it ... will let you know next time i do one of these things .......

cheers bro

OH WELLLLL.................isn't that interesting though?